Ayodhya -Pass law to Reconstruct the RamaJanmabhoomi temple

Dec 6 2012 is the 20th anniversary of when the Babri Masjid was partly/largely demolished by intrepid Kar Sevaks and hindu ceremonial observances resumed in due earnest. The movement excited the general hindu imagination to a significant extent.

The dimensions of the dispute are historical,religious and then judicial and political. In my view,the reconstruction of the Ayodhya temple is necessary to help heal the hindu psyche after 900 yrs of demolition and destruction of hindu temples by Islamic invaders.

Some claim Ayodhya is a symbol of “hindu extremism”. Quite the contrary-it is actually a symbol of Islamic oppression,bigotry and violence against Hindus.In the Allahabad Court judgement on the Babri dispute,the court held as indisputable that a prior structure resembling a temple was present on the site of the Babri Mosque,going by the Archeological and historical evidence presented. Mir Baqi,Babar’s General,was responsible for destruction of the Rama temple existing there and construction of a mosque on the remains,reusing some of the material from the destroyed temple as mortar. There also exist numerous other medieval accounts of the temple and its destruction by Babar.

Whether or not Rama a mythical personality,or whether or not born here is irrelevant in this matter,though its a point brought forward by “secular” minded sympathizers of Islamist viewpoints on the issue which raise that as defence,premising their arguments on historicity of the mythical personage. The shrine of Rama was highly venerated and Rama is highly venerated by hindus today.VS Naipaul in his perceptive book “India – a wounded civilization” writes of the scars left by islamic and foreign invasions on the hindu civilization. A case can be made that the Indian Congress party,through 60+ years in power,has damaged hindus and hinduism,and during its period in power,for the first time in Indian history since Aurangzeb,the muslim percentage of population jumped from 6% to nearly 20% today. At the same time, Hindus in Pakistan were annihilated and suffered a decline in numbers from 22% in 1947 in West Pakistan to less than 1% today -while nary a pipsqueak from the ruling Indian Congress party,which loudly advocated the cause of Islamic Palestine during the same period.

The Ayodhya matter now rests in the Supreme Court,but there cannot be a judicial decision nor can a judicial decision of any sort be final in the matter. Recall the Shah Bano Judgement and subsequent orders of the Supreme Court of India holding the right of the muslim woman to maintenance and on other unconstitutional aspects of Islamic shari’ah personal law. Nevertheless the Congress government went ahead and overturned the Supreme Court judgment with a new law.

Similarly,No Court is equipped to decide the Ayodhya matter on the basis of current laws to address the old wound in the Hindu civilization caused by the Islamic invaders. There is no law on the books to address the matter and the archeological law forbids damage,and thereby demolition.The issue is not archeological at all. What is one of the biggest failures of the BJP govt that came to power in the late ’90’s is a betrayal of their supporters and party base by not passing or even attempting to pass a law to restore and reconstruct the Ramajanmabhoomi temple.

Hence what is needed is a political solution and a solemn promise by Pro Hindu political entities to remove the mosque completely that has been the cause of so much Hindu pain and suffering over the centuries. The temple ought to be reconstructed and no Mosque may be allowed within 5 miles of its location,to prevent Azaan and suchlike sounds polluting the sacredness of the place,just as Makkah or Madin’ah don’t permit any hindu temples,or indeed,the absence of Hindu temples in Arabia.

A strong case for a law to demolish the Ayodhya Babri masjid and reconstruct the Rama temple ought to be passed. A precedent already exists – Sardar Patel,an opponent of Nehru & the unfortunate anti-Hindu direction taken by Nehru -demolished and removed the Mosque built by numerous islamic invaders over the site of Somnath, and reconstructed Somnath temple. Indeed,a case can be made for a law or even a constitutional amendment if necessary,to demolish/remove ALL mosques built by demolishing/destroying prior Hindu temples. Or,a law allowing restoration of a “significant subset”-that may number less than fifty of more than 2000 mosques built by demolishing Hindu temples.

It is incumbent on any hindu who feels the slightest degree of pride in his ancestry,and one who believes in Justice,to support restoration of temples that were destroyed to construct Islamic Mosques on their remains.Unlike Islam which does not consider Mosques sacred, hinduism considers temples and idols as sacred and inviolable. In the same spirit, mohammedans who see the injustice of islamic invaders and rulers destroying Hindu temples to construct mosques ought to support the temple restoration – just as they were permitted to keep aspects of their islamic personal laws untouched. Indeed,if the congress govt went to the unusual extent of pandering to the Muslim community to overturn a Supreme Court judgement through a law,no reason why they cannot pass a law to restore previously destroyed Hindu temples.


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