Trial of President Nasheed on ‘Terrorism’ :Let Commonwealth Propose a Panel of Judges

Last the Commonwealth had anything to do with the Maldives, it was during Mr Nasheed’s election battle. A team of observers lent credibility to the exercise and ultimately, President Yameen got elected.

Today, President Nasheed stands arrested on what many see as a flimsy charge of terrorism. President Yameen’s government sees it as appropriate. President Nasheed being manhandled rather brutally by the Maldives police has not gone down too well in most of the world. Nasheed was arrested for ‘terrorism’ for apparently targeting a judge.

The arrest of Nasheed has agitated lot of people, both within and outside Maldives. President Nasheed’s arrest has been condemned by many, uniformly and across the world,on these charges. Al Gore has come out strongly against it.

The Maldives judiciary have a dubious reputation both in their knowledge and application of law, as well as remaining free of interference from the executive.

The only possibility is that Maldives pass a law or enter an agreement with the Commonwealth in the matter of Nasheed’s trial. Let (a) Commonwealth nominate a panel of judges (b) President Yameen choose from the panel of judges whether single or say, a panel of 3 judges to try Nasheed. If he chooses a Panel, he could also appoint a native maldivian judge.

This suggestion ought to be workable and should not be a problem for President Yameen if indeed he is claiming that Nasheed’s being charged with terrorism is not a witch hunt to finish off someone who is a strong political opponent to him in the next Presidential election.


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