Pakistan’s independence Day delecelebrated in Balochistan

Pakistan’s independence Day delecelebrated in Balochistan Posted on 2012/8/15 14:55:15 ( 88 reads ) Occupied Balochistan: The Baloch people have boycotted Pakistan’s Brithday and observed it as a ‘Black Day’. Black flags were hoisted on houses and cars and Pakistan’s flag was no where to be seen except on security forces vehicles and inside some officials buildings. A complete […]

Why Imran Khan says he wants Pakistan’s success as Islamist state to prove point 2 Indian Muslims?

or,Imperial Islamist ideology alive & well in Indian subcontinent Quite recently,on June 27,2012, Imran Khan here vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state stating “Pakistan’s creation would be worthless if it fails to become an Islamic welfare state” and “The failure of Pakistan becoming an Islamic welfare state will be a deception for all Muslims residing […]

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