Trial of President Nasheed on ‘Terrorism’ :Let Commonwealth Propose a Panel of Judges

Last the Commonwealth had anything to do with the Maldives, it was during Mr Nasheed’s election battle. A team of observers lent credibility to the exercise and ultimately, President Yameen got elected. Today, President Nasheed stands arrested on what many see as a flimsy charge of terrorism. President Yameen’s government sees it as appropriate. President […]

How to Move Forward for Peace-A response to Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi is a well regarded voice in Pakistani media & public life.His past has included a struggle against dictatorship in the ’60’s,exile,subsequent pardon and then as a prominent member of the Pakistani intelligentsia.A recent article by him in the Friday Times & published in India Today as well makes a case that peace between […]

Why Imran Khan says he wants Pakistan’s success as Islamist state to prove point 2 Indian Muslims?

or,Imperial Islamist ideology alive & well in Indian subcontinent Quite recently,on June 27,2012, Imran Khan here vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state stating “Pakistan’s creation would be worthless if it fails to become an Islamic welfare state” and “The failure of Pakistan becoming an Islamic welfare state will be a deception for all Muslims residing […]